Short Stories and Flash Fictions


The Electric Tree
Why I Want to Fuck Rick Santorum
Excerpt from Zombieman
Fairy Story
Meth Lab Nursery (at Keep This Bag Away From Children)
There Goes the Neighborhood 
Last Night I Dreamt of Hell and High Waters
Alex Watches Television
The Wound
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Saying Goodbye (at The Mustache Factor)
The Country Musician (at Spoilage)
Deep Sea Diving Suit (at Pretty Owl Poetry)
Three Flash Fictions (at Bizarro Central)
John Walks Into a Bar (at Trigger Warning) [now removed]
The Soda (at CLASH Media
Please File Under Adult Contemporary (at CLASH Media
Cathy (at Fluland) [now removed]
The Arranged Marriage (at SOFT CARTEL
A Very Young Something With Wings (at Philosophical Idiot
My Church (at Philosophical Idiot)
abstract_FETISH: The Future of American Art? by World-Renowned Art Critic Lee Alvarez (at Silent Motorist Media)
Ghost Calls: A Play Without Living People (at Neutral Spaces)
Messages from Paradise (at Expat Press)

In Print

"Little Jimmy's Secret" (in Ugly Babies)
"War Criminal: A One Act Play for One Performer" (in Strange Behaviors: An Anthology of Absolute Luridity)
"The Shark Child" (in The Celestial Bandit: A Tribute to Isidore Ducasse, the Comte de Lautrémont, Upon the 175th Anniversary of His Birth)
Course catalog entries (in Nafallen University 2022-2023 Course Catalog)
"The Aristocrats in the Style of James Ellroy" (in The Aristocrats Anthology)
"The Sex of Tomorrow" (in 666 Flags) (ebook)


The Tomato Garden

I'm a Marionette (Or, The Nowhere Train for Elaine)



"Her Legs" by Rob Ramirez



The Christmas Movie


Baby, You'll Be Famous


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