Friday, August 21, 2015

In Which I Eat Shit

So recently my story, "John Walks Into A Bar," was published on the webzine Trigger Warning. The editor of the webzine was Ann Sterzinger, a writer whose work I admire. I also gave a plug to Trigger Warning's Indiegogo campaign, both here and on my Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, there was some behind the scenes bullshit going on that I wasn't aware of. You can read all the unpleasant details at Matt Forney's website.

I want to apologize for everyone who donated to the campaign because of my promotion of it. My audience is very small, but if even one of you donated, I helped you get fucked over. For that, I'm deeply sorry.

Because of how worse for wear this whole shitstorm left Sterzinger, I strongly encourage you to support her by buying her books. If you need convincing, check out my reviews of The Talkative Corpse and NVSQVAM (nowhere)