Sunday, June 2, 2024

RELEASE DAY: Doomsday Daytrip by Rob Ramirez


Rob Ramirez's debut novel is out now. You can pick it up on Amazon, in paperback or Kindle, or from Barnes and Noble. You can also go to your local independent bookstore and request to order through them.

Here's what the publisher, Swann + Bedlam has to say about the book.

“In a world plunged into chaos, where the remnants of society swirl in darkness, sweet revolt is set to unfold. The Halls, a family thrust into a dystopian reality, join the ranks of a local militia group driven by a singular mission: to dismantle the source of all corruption and greed-the oppressive candy empire that holds dominion over the shattered world.

Amidst the ruins and the absurdity a brutally hilarious battle wages on. With wit as sharp as shattered peppermint and resolve as unyielding as tempered chocolate, our unlikely heroes navigate the murky terrain of this post-apocalyptic world, facing off against an adversary that thrives on chaos, greed, and chocolate sweetened with the blood of his enemies.

Doomsday Daytrip: Candy Shopping at the End of the World is a novella of satire and candy that takes political correctness and shoots it point blank, stopping it in its tracks. There is no room for trigger warnings or snowflakes here. If you ever wanted to join a local militia group and take down the head of a corrupt candy empire, then you need to read this book!”

Here's what ARC readers said about the book. 

Thank you to Swann + Bedlam for picking up the book and to everyone supporting the release. Rob and I are deeply grateful.

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