Friday, April 12, 2019

The Story of the Y: Available Now!

Today is the release date of The Story of the Y from Cabal Books. You can order the paperback from Amazon. The Kindle version will be coming soon as well

Order The Story of the Y here.

Here's what other authors have said about the novel.

"A heady, bizarre trip with all the razor-sharp wit of a Cohen Brothers screenplay in a box of Ginsu knives." - Vincenzo Bilof, author of The Violators

"Cool, sharp and enigmatic" - Garrett Cook, author of A God of Hungry Walls

"There is a group of fresh voices taking weirdness very seriously, and Ben Arzate is one of its leading figures. The Story of the Y is a mysterious, adventurous hybrid. This is the love child of Carlos Fuentes and Hunter S. Thompson, covered in blood and desert dust, screaming outside a Mexican restaurant. Listen to it." - Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs

Here's a short history of the book I wrote for the Cabal Books blog. 

Read it at

and Here's the book trailer.

Watch on Youtube

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